VapeGB LTD is owned by myself Paul and managed by a dedicated team of staff who’s priority is always the customer.

Our aim in the vaping community is simple – Make vaping premium juices affordable for all and to try and show people the way forward and kick the cigs all together.

In our time we have seen a massive amount of people successfully kick the stinkies and turn to full time vaping. Their reactions? Astonishment.

We have customers who went from smoking for over 50 years switching to electronic cigarettes and seeing a major improvement in their own personal circumstances, I for one can feel the benefits of a smoker (around 14 years, I started smoking at 12 and turned to vaping at 26). For me personally, it was a mind over matter kinda thing, I found the juice I loved and haven’t looked at a cig since.


We use only the best ingredients in our juice, and it’s mixed in our state of the art cleanroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

Our PG and VG is USP grade.

Our Nicotine base is from the UK.


Our flavour concentrates, well, they are from all over the place – you may know a few such as T Juice, Inawara, Flavour Art, Flavour West etc..

We love feedback, we prefer the positive (as does any one), but we don’t mind negative feedback either, we see this as an opportunity to improve, an opportunity to make our products more enjoyable for you, the end user.

If you have any specific requirements, such as VG:PG ratio, Increase / Decrease in flavour – please let us know – use the contact us section and we will endeavour to meet your request.

Register your account and give us a try, it’s the best value for money and service you will get in the UK.

Thank you for reading, enjoy your visit on our website. Come and meet us at our shop if you’re local! We will even make you a cuppa 🙂




Let’s get the Nation Vaping!